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365 Project Day 6: 6th April

365 Project Day 6: 6th April

Our first sunny day for a long while, and we made the most of it, taking our dogs for a long run on the flats at Warton, on the coast near Carnforth.

They had great fun and tired themselves out.

The sky was really blue, with just a few wispy clouds, just how I like it


365 Project Day 5: 5th April

365 Project Day 5: 5th April

Whilst watching Have I Got News For You last night I realised I’d not taken a photo for my 365 project, so I dug out some little coloured LED lights I’d bought for a couple of quid off eBay, but never used, and shot some light trails.

I’ve never done this before, and this is the first photo, straight out of the camera without any processing beyond a resize.

It was quite fun, so I’ll take some more over the weekend…

Now this isn’t something you see every day…

Today we had a visit from the swan census people, who came to tag the pair of swans that live on our little lake.

They come every year to check tags, weigh the birds, and give them a general health check.

The pair that lived on our lake last year have moved house, but we’ve got a new pair this year without tags, so they don’t know how old they are, or where they’ve come from.

1) Ms Swan is pulled out of the water



2) Her legs and wings are tied off to prevent damage to the bird and the people. It looks and sounds quite distressing, but the bird isn’t hurt at any point



3) Once the tag has been applied it is weighed, and checked over



4) She’s released back into the water, where she swam away happy.



We didn’t expect to see them again for a while, but they obviously didn’t bare any ill will against us, as they were back in a couple of hours for food, brown bread and dry dog food is best for them apparently.

By the way, the male swan is over three years old (beyond that age it’s almost impossible to tell their age) and the female is around two years old, so it’ll be another year before we have any cygnets.



365 Project Day 4: 4th April

365 Project Day 4: 4th April

Coming up to the finish line in the doggie relay – staring Cassie


365 Project Day 3: 3rd April

365 Project Day 3: 3rd April

This is the photo I wanted to take yesterday, lots of deer on the hillside at Dallam Tower Deer Park.

Since I changed jobs a couple of months ago this is now the view on my drive into work, much better than the 60 miles of M6 I used to endure


365 Project Day 2: 2nd April 2013

365 Project Day 2: 2nd April 2013

Some roadworks scuppered today’s planned photo, I’ll have to save that one for another day. Instead you’ve got some clouds, one of my favourite subjects


365 Project Day 1: 1st April 2013

I’ve been trying for a while to start a 365 project, but have struggled to find the time to commit, but I’m now going to make a concerted effort.

Day 1 – 1st April 2013

Part of the Venus & Cupid statue (really called “Love, The Most Beautiful Of Absolute Disasters”), on Morecambe sea-front, specifically the Cupid bit.